Brighton & Hove Food Partnership

The Food Partnership runs therapeutic gardening activities in a range of spaces, including:

* ‘Growing New Roots’ ecotherapy groups at various locations on the South Downs including Seven Sisters Country Park (East Sussex) and Truleigh Hill (near Shoreham, West Sussex) – part of the Changing Chalk project with the National Trust

* ‘Roots & Boots’ ecotherapy group for adults in recovery from addiction – at Stanmer Wellbeing Gardens, Brighton

* Preston Park Community Garden

* Saunders Park Edible Garden (near Lewes Road, East Brighton)

* The Garden House off Ditchling Road – for the dementia-friendly gardening groups

Gardening groups for older people and those living with dementia use nature and the growing of plants to create meaningful social interactions for those who may be experiencing social isolation. Some courses are more focused on learning key food growing skills, while the dementia programme includes gentler activities to stimulate conversation and connection between volunteers and participants.

All programmes have in-built flexibility to accommodate both the individual’s and the group’s needs. Example activities include: seed saving and sowing, transplanting seedlings and harvesting flowers, fruit and vegetables. Sessions are relaxed and informal to create a welcoming and supportive atmosphere.

Type of activities:

Food growing / Cookery / Creative and arts / Ecotherapy

Specialist client experience:

Older people and those living with dementia. Mental ill health. Addiction recovery.

“Coming here makes my day, you people are so kind to me and this is the garden of my dreams.”


– Dementia friendly gardening participant –


Various outdoor locations, including Downland locations, Preston Park community garden, Saunders Park edible garden and the Garden House on Ditchling Road.


01273 2341810



Project info

Transport provided:

Public transport and parking:
Various buses run to our main sites, see

Yes (Saunders Park only)

Time-limited course:

Wednesdays and Thursdays

Toilet available at all sites. Indoor space is available at the Garden House and wheelchair access available at Preston Park. Refreshments are provided at every session.

Member projects

Brighton & Hove Food Partnership

Therapeutic gardening groups in Brighton & the South Downs, including activities for those living with mental health difficulties & dementia.

Centre for Ecotherapy

Therapeutic gardening project in Stanmer Park, Brighton.


Grow offers people the chance to enjoy the beautiful, local countryside in a friendly and supportive group with locations across Sussex.

Plot 22

Plot 22 is a community allotment, a food growing project and therapeutic garden in Hove.

Rock Farm

Rock Farm is a working market garden, community space and horticultural therapy project on a 6-acre site near Steyning.

Sacred Earth 

A community-owned land project near Horam, East Sussex that is dedicated to life, learning and working in harmony with nature.

people lying down in the forest

Circle of Life Rediscovery

This project outside Lewes, East Sussex aims to transform education, health and families through nature.

people lying down in the forest

The Plot (Stanmer Park)

A community-led sanctuary space for sharing and nurturing creativity, community spirit and connection.

people lying down in the forest

The Wild Mind Project

Providing emotional and mental wellbeing support to young people through nature activities combined with creative activities.

people lying down in the forest

Living Vital

Living Vital are an organic food growing community garden located at the back of Stanmer Park in Brighton.

people lying down in the forest

Wild Gathering CiC

They create and facilitate nature connection health and wellbeing workshop programmes, events, and guided mindful walks.

people lying down in the forest

Rainbow CommUnity Projects CIC

A non-profit organization which aims at reconnecting people to nature and to each other

people lying down in the forest

Hearts and Flowers

Samphire Brighton & Hove CIC informs and educates people in sustainable and organic flower growing.