Sacred Earth Community Benefit Society

Sacred Earth is a land-based project that connects people with nature, for the wellbeing of both. We see ourselves as community builders in an era of loneliness and isolation and we are also the environmental custodians of a beautiful 40-acre site in Horam, East Sussex.

We provide a range of experiential outdoor learning, ecotherapy and mentoring projects in which nature plays a key part. Our flagship programme is called the Earth Steward Apprenticeship, and it helps teenagers develop their social and emotional intelligence. We also run Wellbeing in Nature, Wellbeing Wednesdays, Touchstones, Medicine for the Earth and many other weekend and day events for all ages.

Our 40-acre site was a derelict brickworks when we took it over in 2011. Since then we’ve cleared tonnes of rubbish and industrial waste, re-instated some of the land for biodynamic agricultural use, had an ecological survey done and set up several projects to improve specific areas of the site for wildlife. We’ve got woodland, farmland, an old clay pit (now an incredible wetland habitat) and a large lake.

Type of activities:

Food growing / Conservation / Ecotherapy activities/ Creative and arts

Specialist client experience:

Young people and older people (although need to be able-bodied as we are not wheelchair accessible), people dealing with loneliness and isolation or who need the benefits of time spent in nature for their overall wellbeing.

“I have suffered with anxiety and depression for a long time and am always looking for ways balance my moods and alleviate symptoms. Before attending the Sacred Earth wellbeing sessions I was aware that spending time outdoors and with nature was helpful to me but the fear of exploring more held me back. Caroline and Jim were able to introduce the group to the Sacred Earth environment in a slow and sensitive way. There was no pressure to understand or to engage straight away, just an invitation to just be there, observe the nature around the site and think about the way we relate to it. The site is beautiful and peaceful and I came away from the sessions feeling calm and with a quieter mind than when I arrived in the morning and with useful tools that I could take away with me in order to maintain a connection with nature and prolong that feeling of peace for the week ahead. I look forward to returning to Sacred Earth one day soon. Thank you so much for running the sessions.”


– Wellbeing Wednesdays attendee –


Old Horam Brickworks, Horebeech Lane, Heathfield, East Sussex, TN21 9HJ
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07554 127 926



Project info

Transport provided:
None unless arranged

Public transport and parking:
– The nearest train station is Polegate, which is a bus ride away from Horam.
– There is a free car park for the cuckoo trail in Horam and it is a 20-minute walk down the Cuckoo Trail to the Sacred Earth site.
– There is parking on site for 15 cars.


Time-limited course:


Lunch provided at some sessions

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All our current event and course listings can be viewed here:
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