Over the last decade hundreds of people have contributed their time, skills and ideas to making our little allotment a treasured oasis. And this year, because of the pandemic, meeting outside has been more important than ever. We’re so pleased to have managed to continue to welcome people into the garden throughout this period.

In fact it’s been busier than ever! From mid-May to mid-October 2020 we’ve hosted: 260 beneficiary visits (approx 600 garden hours), 40 first time visits (new referrals/self referrals), 600 care-taking volunteer and sessional worker hours across a team of 25 individuals.

We’ve built up a huge archive of photos over the last 10 years, plus lovely audio footage of volunteers talking about what PLOT 22 means to them. And so to mark the occasion we’ve pulled out a few photos from across the decade and created a short, 2 minute montage with audio interviews recorded in 2011 – 2015. Grab a cup of tea and join us in a brief reminiscence!

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