Growing New Roots is an 8-week nature connection group, designed to improve mental wellbeing for those living in the Shoreham area. Our first Growing New Roots group has finished and we are now recruiting for our next group. Here, we review how the first group went and share some feedback we received.

“Out of 6 therapies I’ve received over the last fifteen years, this group has been the best help.”

Feedback from previous participants was overwhelmingly positive with all group members reporting a significant increase in their wellbeing, and learning new skills and knowledge.

“I’ve learned whittling and how to start a fire using traditional methods without matches – very empowering!”

Changes to wellbeing and physical health were also noticed by some participant’s GP’s, family and support workers.

As part of the group, we learned traditional skills such as whittling and natural fire making, we walked ancient paths on the hill tops, discovered the history and archaeology of the South Downs, drank lots of tea, made festive wreaths, wild art and practiced mindfulness. Whilst some people had never visited to the South Downs before, others have re-invigorated their love of going out walking and exploring local areas in nature.

“I feel better able to cope, more confident in exploring nature alone…I’m now exploring new ideas I wouldn’t have before the course.

All participants said since coming on this group, they are more likely to go out into nature, and have learned a new skill, some of which are practical and some on a more personal level.

“Coming here has taught me to stop beating myself up. I used to see a therapist and it didn’t make me feel any different, but coming here has really helped me. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done out of all the therapy groups. You have no idea how much you have helped me, I can’t thank you enough.”

We are now recruiting for our next group taster session on Friday 12th May, last few – find out more and apply. Spaces are limited and prioritised for adults living in the Shoreham area and nearby, who are living with a mental health condition.